Canoe Carnival

The 90th Annual Canoe Carnival is scheduled for Saturday, August 6 2022!


It was a magnificent Canoe Carnival! Thank you to the Float Builders, the Canoe Carnival Committee, homeowners on Lower Aetna Lake and neighbors who hosted this amazing event, the Police & Fire Departments, EMTs, a great community and more!

Congratulations to the Winners

Grand Prize 
Scrub Pines - I'm Coming Out-Cicada Summer '21


Shawnee Division Winners

1st Place:  On the Rocks (OTR) - Freebird

2rd Place: Mad Paddlers - Island in the Pines


Neeta Division Winners

1st Place:  Canoe Kids on the Block- Good Vibes, Good Rides

2nd Place:  Medford United Methodist Church - Tapped Out

3rd Place:  Sink or Swim - Thar She Floats


Nokomis Division Winners

1st Place:  You're the Best - We Will Rock You!

2nd Place:  Tipsy Canoers - All You Need is Magic

3rd Place: Nut-N-Butt Paddles - Caddy Shack-A-Mole


Single Canoe Division Winners

1st Place:  Hardwick Family - Good Times

2nd Place:  McFloat - Canoeing Through Time

3rd Place:  Goetschius-Zhao Family - Laker Love


Organization Division Winners

1st Place:  ML Lions Club - A Life of Service

2nd Place:  ML Women's Club - Every Day Heroes


Junior Division Winners

1st Prize:  ML Camp - Summer Camp Olympics

Mary Conrad Golden Oar Award

Rachael Urban

Mardi Gras' Winners

1st Place: Kerns-Roe Family - 186 Ducks at 186 Chippewa

2nd Place: Gina Nardo - 176 Chippewa

3rd Place: Knight Family - The Pirates at 179 Comanche

Canoe Carnival Hall of Fame Inductees

Jay Jones

Odd Couples


Since 1931, Canoe Carnival has been held during the first week of every August on Lower Aetna Lake. Now it is routinely celebrated on the first Saturday of August. Each year float groups compete for the prizes in various divisions, as well as for grand prize. As Medford Lakes' main annual event, the Canoe Carnival  week-long celebrations kick off with the Miss and Mr. Medford Lakes Pageant, the Canoe Carnival Ball and Mardi Gras Night. With a parade of elaborately hand-built floats supported on one or two canoes, it is a spectacle unlike any other!


Miss and Mr. Medford Lakes Pageant

Every July, your favorite 15-18 year old colonists vie for the honor to be crowned the King and Queen of Canoe Carnival!  Candidates traditionally litter the town with signs, banners and pamphlets leading up to the election. The Miss and Mr. Medford Lakes Pageant is typically held at Beach 3 roughly two weeks prior to Canoe Carnival but can be held at Neeta School if the weather is inclement.  Please keep an eye out on the Colony News to find out how to vote during the month of July.  Every Colony member is entitled to one vote.

Canoe Carnival Ball

Kick off a fun-filled Canoe Carnival week by attending the Canoe Carnival Ball at Medford Lakes Country Club. The Canoe Carnival Ball/Dance Party will be on Saturday, July 31st at 8:00 PM at the Country Club! A spirit award will be given on the awards night to the best represented float group at the ball. This year we will be having a DJ. Tickets are on sale in the Colony Office for a donation of $25 per person or $45/couple or $50/couple at the door.

Mardi Gras Night

The night before Canoe Carnival grab your canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and paddle boats! All Lakers are welcome to float on Lower Aetna and get a sneak peak of what each float group has been working on all summer. Lakefront houses are decorated to the nines with lights!  Local bands are also hanging on the lake playing some great music! 

Canoe Carnival

On the night of the big event find your spot around Lower Aetna Lake to view the big event! Tickets for bleachers seats on Aetna Way can be purchased in the Colony Office prior to Canoe Carnival. Colonists are welcome to set up their own chairs on the beach surrounding the bleachers starting at 4:00 pm ton August 7th, the afternoon of Canoe Carnival. Details regarding road closures and traffic details can be found here, as well as on the Medford Lakes Police website. Additional details can be found in the Colony News leading up to the event. Be sure to arrive early to claim your seat and park nearby! Canoe Carnival kicks off at dusk, weather permitting.

Canoe Carnival Awards Ceremony

The Canoe Carnival Awards Ceremony will be Sunday, August 8th at 5:00PM.  NEW FOR THIS YEAR - the awards ceremony will take place at Beach 1.  The results will not be posted on the door the night of Canoe Carnival; instead, a text will be sent to the float captains.

Canoe Carnival Traffic Regulations 2021 - Click HERE!

Resident Letter from the Medford Lakes Police - Click HERE!