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Medford Lakes Colony

Video: Bethany Holtz

 Colony Events

Feb. 20th - Centennial Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm

Feb. 26th - Camp Council Meeting, 7:00 pm

Feb. 27th & Mar. 5th - Sewing Circle, 10:00 am

Feb. 29th & Mar. 1st Senior Scene, 9:30 am

March 2nd - MLWC Storytime, 10:00 am



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Dues Relief Fund

Medford Lakes is a snapshot of America, where some neighbors are facing financial hardship due to unemployment, underemployment, family health emergencies, or the like. As much as Colonists are ready to help their neighbors, financial struggles often remain private and go unspoken. A Dues Relief Fund was set-up in 2012 – a temporary, partial dues relief for active Colonists – and has helped many families retain membership when they would not have been able to do so due to financial difficulties. Thank you to those who gave.


Once again, you’re encouraged to:

1.) Give what you can to help a neighbor to fully participate in our Colony. Donate through your 2024 Colony invoice or any time during the year at the Colony Office. Even $5/household adds up to help!


2.) Let us know if you would like to be considered for partial dues relief. An application is available in the Colony Office and on our website:

We are just beginning to raise funds and want to reach as many neighbors as we can. Whatever is raised will be distributed in a confidential, fair manner. 


Questions can be directed to Millie Linett at the Colony Office – 609-654-7747 or


Please select the amount ($) you wish to donate:

Thank you for your donation!

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