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Canoe Carnival 2023

Canoe Carnival 2023 will be held on Saturday, August 5th.

2022 CC FINAL 1A.jpg

Congratulations to this year's winners!

Thank you to everyone who helped make Canoe Carnival possible from the Marshals to the volunteers!

2022 Winners

Grand Prize

Scrub Pines: You Should Bee Dancing

Shawnee Division

1st: On The Rocks: Walk Like an Egyptian

2nd: Wiser Budz: Who Are You?

Neeta Division

1st: Sink Oar Swim-Welcome to Medford Snakes

2nd: Canoe Kids on the Block-Electric Revolution

3rd: Just One mOAR-Centerfield

Nokomis Division

1st: Tipsy Canoers-Treasure of the Pines

2nd: What the Float-Music is my Aeroplane

Junior Division

1st: ML Girl Scouts-Girl Scouts are Out of This World

Single Division

1st: Hardwick Family-House Party

Organization Division

1st: Medford Lakes Lions Club-Fly Down to Cedar Run

Rookie Division

1st: What the Float-Music is my Aeroplane

2nd: Just One mOAR-Centerfield

Captains Choice Award

Mad Paddlers-More Than Meets The Eye

Spirit Stick

On The Rocks

Mardi Gras House Decorations

1st: The Fretz Family-148 Chippewa Trail

2nd: The Holtz Family-183 Comanche Trail

3rd: Gina Nardo-176 Chippewa Trail

Golden Oar

Brent Blanchard

Canoe Carnival Hall of Fame Inductees

Paul Zetts Sr.

Dave Mayo

Float Group: Parrot Heads

Miss and Mr Medford Lakes

Miss Medford Lakes: Shannon Doyle

Mr. Medford Lakes: Gavin Pizzuti

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