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Canoe Carnival 2024 will held on Saturday, August 3rd

Canoe Carnival 2023 Winners

Congratulations to this year's winners and participants!

Grand Prize

Scrub Pines: Can't Hurry Love

Shawnee Division

1st (tie)-Mad Paddlers: Shake it Off

1st (tie)-On the Rocks: Rhapsody of the Sea

Neeta Division

1st-Sink Oar Swim: Party in the Pines

2nd-Canoe Kids on the Block: Fresh Kids of ML

3rd-What the Float: Boston Paddler Party

Nokomis Division

1st-Tipsy Canoers: Little Bitty Pretty One!

2nd-Nut-N-Butt Paddlers: Bikini Botton

3rd-All Float On: "All Float On"

Junior Division

1st-ML Girl Scouts: Philly Phun

2nd-Cub Scouts Webelos: Arrow of Light

Single Canoe

1st-Hardwick Family: Bad Company

Organization Division

1st-ML Lion Club: Wild About Our Community-Lions, We Serve Organization

Builders Award

1st-Mad Paddlers: Shake it Off

Rookie Division

1st-All Float On: "All Float On"

Mardi Gras House Decorating

1st-Simpson Family: 147 Stokes Road

2nd-Kornafel Family: 204 Chippewa Trail

3rd-Fripp Family: 148 Chippewa Trail

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