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Fundraiser Request Form
For Members Only




Please visit the Event Calendar to check for current property availability. All Colony property requests need to be submitted at least two (2) weeks or more in advance. To make a reservation to use one of the beaches, a park pavilion, or the Craft Pavilion for your next event, complete all the questions asked below and then hit ‘submit.' When you hit ‘submit.' an email will be sent to with your request.  A contract for your event will be sent to you, or an email with questions. 


Note:  You must be a Colony member in good standing to request usage of Colony property.


Fees for using Colony property include:

$25 check to serve as your deposit, refundable if you follow the contract provided at booking, a $75 user fee, $2 per guest who need a guest tag, $16 per hour for each lifeguard (more than one lifeguard may be needed, based on the number and ages of your guests).


Your $25 deposit check will be returned to you IF you physically remove the trash from Colony property and dispose of it offsite (i.e. DO NOT put your event trash in the courtesy trash & recycle bins on site. Please physically removed from Colony property entirely). 


If you cancel your event less than 72 hours prior to the event AND you do not notify the Head Lifeguard and Colony Office, your $25 deposit check will be kept.  If the event is canceled by the Head Lifeguard due to the weather or some other condition the "cancellation fee" is waived and your $25 deposit check will be returned to you.


The same fees currently hold for the Craft Pavilion, but without the need for lifeguards.


There is no fee for using Vaughan Community House; however, Vaughan cannot be rented/used for private parties.


Colony Board membership meetings are the second Monday of each month at 7:30 pm at Demby Annex of Vaughan Hall. This application must be submitted NO LATER THAN Thursday prior to monthly Colony meeting, deadline 3:00 pm.  


Colony Board of Directors discussion/approval is required. It is your responsibility to attend the monthly Colony meeting when requested by the Office Manager. A representative from your group must be present for your application to be heard.

Questions can be emailed to or call 609-654-7747. Please be sure to answer all of the questions in the form below and hit submit when you are done.

Tax ID Number:

Event Date Requested:

Timeframe Requested:

Note: Please include setup/breakdown time.

Event Reason:

Site(s) Requested:

Note: Vaughan Community House (Vaughan Hall) cannot be rented/used for private events.

Select all site(s) that apply

Total Number of Adults and Children Attending:

Will any of the following items be included in the event? Select all that apply.

List All Alcohol or Gaming:

Note: Events that involve alcohol must be 21 and over, AND require state permit, AND Borough of Medford Lakes approval, AND a specific insurance rider.  Games of chance require State permits, AND licenses, AND Borough of Medford Lakes approval. Swimming/Boating events require Borough of Medford Lakes approval AND lifeguards are required at the expense of organizer.  Any use of public roadways require Borough of Medford Lakes approval.

Thanks for submitting!

Someone will be in contact with you.

This is an electronic request - not a contract. Once you request has been received and approved, you must sign a contract and that contract must be accepted by the Board of Directors. Please type your name in the space below indicating that you agree to these terms and conditions.

I verify I am a member in good standing of Medford Lakes Colony and will adhere to the above conditions and all of the rules/regulations of the Medford Lakes Colony subject to referral to the membership committee for violation of terms and conditions of the “Violations Policy” found in our Medford Lakes Colony By-Laws. I/we assume all risks and hazards incidental to use of Medford Lakes Colony property. I/we do hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless the Medford Lakes Colony volunteers/ directors/employees from any and all claims arising out of an injury to any participant at this above named event.  I/we understand it is the responsibility of each person attending to provide their own health and accident insurance to cover any injury.  Any violation of agreed terms/condition will result in party being required to leave and eligibility to hold a future party will be subject to review by the Colony Board.

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