About Us

Founded in 1927, Medford Lakes Colony is a non-profit organization that organizes social, community and recreational activities for the town of Medford Lakes, NJ.

The Colony grew out of a resort development in the heart of New Jersey's storied Pine Barrens on the edge of the Pinelands National Reserve (the nation's first National Reserve).  The area was first settled hundreds of years ago by the Lenni-Lenape tribe of Native Americans.

Today the Colony lakes are still dotted by log homes built according to the original plan for the community more than nine decades ago.





As a private club for the residents of Medford Lakes, the Colony owns and maintains the community facilities of Medford Lakes, including the Vaughan Community House, Demby Annex, the Craft Pavillion, 21 lakes, five recreational beaches, baseball fields, tennis courts and parks.

In the summer, the Colony offers a day camp for Medford Lakes children ranging from pre-school through 8th grade each summer.

The premiere event produced by the Colony each year is Canoe Carnival. Canoe Carnival – a festive parade of creatively-lighted, musical, hand-built floats supported on one or two canoes and paddled around Lower Aetna Lake – is held the first Saturday night in August.

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