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Nokomis Forest Referendum Passes

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

The Medford Lakes Colony referendum to acquire and preserve the wooded land adjacent to Nokomis School passed 551-89 (with 1 abstention).

The Medford Lakes Colony held a vote on May 30, 2019, asking our members if they supported acquiring and preserving wooded land adjacent to Nokomis School. The referendum passed 551-89 (with 1 abstention). The Colony would like to thank all member households that voted and will provide more information about the acquisition soon.

The privately-owned land has been used by Colony Camp for Jersey Devil hikes and other educational activities for over three decades and this action will preserve the forest for colonist and camp recreational use forever.

The location is unique. It is the largest area of natural, undeveloped land remaining in Medford Lakes, and it provides open access (no fences or barriers) to many more acres of pristine forest and hiking trails to the south in Medford Township. All types of wildlife indigenous to the Pine Barrens can be found in this large untouched region.

Many volunteer colonists worked on the project and referendum in some manner and the Colony would like to recognize EVERYONE who assisted, as well as the MLEF Board and the property sellers. We look forward to summer campers, school children and our entire membership enjoying the forest forever!


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