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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Update 6/11: Given the updates in the governor’s recent orders playgrounds and outdoor basketball courts are now open. Please continue to social distance. At this time docks remain closed, as well as Vaughan and Demby.

Update 5/22: Please watch the following video regarding the reopening of Colony beaches. At this time, playgrounds, docks, pavilions/gazebos, basketball and volleyball courts and Port-o-Johns remain closed. Please follow the social distancing guidelines laid out on the beaches and respect the lifeguards/tag-checkers if they ask you to move.

Update 5/19: Please see the Governor's Executive Order #143 in regards to safety measures surrounding the reopening of Colony beaches.

Update 5/1: In order to remain compliant with the Governor's Executive Order #133 issued yesterday, Medford Lakes Colony is updating rules for use of fields and parks.

What is open for family fun: All fields and parks: (Wilson, Brooks, Hopkins, Jackson) Tennis and pickle-ball courts

What is remaining closed: Playgrounds and playground equipment Beaches Basketball and Volleyball courts

Do’s: Take your family to the field or park for physical activity Always remind your family to practice social distancing when out in public and on colony property Wear a mask when possible

Don’ts: Do not gather in groups. Do not play pickup games with others Do not have a picnic

As a reminder, fishing is never permitted off any of the Colony docks or beaches. These are swimming areas and lost tackle has a way of ending up in the feet bathers and swimmers.

Additionally, the Colony office is remaining closed for foot traffic until May 20th to avoid contamination and preserve social distancing. We appreciate your cooperation.

Update 4/1: As the health and safety of our community is our utmost priority, we have closed all Colony property until further notice. This decision is in direct accordance with Governor Murphy's Emergency Declaration and includes all buildings, parks, fields, courts, playgrounds and beaches. All town events have also been postponed or canceled until further notice to preserve social distancing. Additionally, the Colony office is closed for foot traffic until April 20th to avoid contamination and preserve social distancing. We appreciate your cooperation.

In keeping up-to-date with CDC recommendations and Governor Murphy's Emergency Declaration, the Colony and Medford Lakes Borough have issued several guidelines to keep our community safe.

To begin, all events in Vaughan Hall and Demby have been canceled or postponed until further notice. This includes scout meetings, AARP tax help, MLAA sports and all other meetings. The Colony Office is also closed to foot traffic until April 20th. The office remains open for business and you can call (609) 654-7747 or email with any questions.

The Borough Office has also made the decision to close to foot traffic for the next two weeks (3/17 to 3/27). The Administrative Offices will be staffed for phone calls (609-654-8898), and to process all drop off payments and permits. Additionally, after Governor Murphy issued an Emergency Declaration restricting gathering of more than 50 people, the Safety Director recommended closing parks, playgrounds and local beaches unless strong controls are in place to meet the State guidelines and risk control best practices. As such, all playgrounds, parks, and beaches (including pavilions) are closed as Medford Lakes Colony will not be disinfecting these amenities. (Please do NOT call the Police if you observe people using these facilities.)If you do visit any of the above-mentioned places, please adhere to CDC social distancing recommendations, including the following:

a. Do not use the parks and facilities if you are not feeling well

b. Groups of more than 10 persons are prohibited

c. Maintain at least 6 feet social distance between users

d. Wash your hands or apply hand sanitizer as soon as possible; and do not touch your face.

e. Park hours are dawn to dusk; or no later than 8:00 p.m. per the Governor's curfew.

We are assessing and monitoring the current situation regarding COVID-19 and will provide schedule updates when available. Best wishes to everyone to stay healthy!


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